‘Indian Railway Signal Engineering’ is a comprehensive set of four volumes on the topic of Signal Engineering for Indian Railways.  The book is authored by Sh. Pramod P. Goel.

The book volumes, as and when they are published, shall be made available on this website.

Indian Railway Signal Engineering – Volume-I (Contents-PDFBuy Book)

This volume, published in June 2008, provides information about history of railways and signalling, rules and regulations such as General Rules, Signal Engineering Manual, Rules for Opening of a Railway for the public carriage of passengers, Schedule of dimensions, etc. related to Railway Signal Engineering.

This volume may best be useful as ready reference in day-to-day practice of Signal engineering.  It is equally helpful in preparation for departmental examinations, for which the book covers - Systems of working of trains on Indian railways; classification of stations based on operational requirements as well as based on Standards of Interlocking; Process for execution of signalling works starting from brief description of floating of tenders, award of contracts, sanction of Commissioner of Railway Safety and commissioning of the work; possible causes of accidents and investigation thereof.  This also covers effect of various tractions including that of 25 KV AC on signalling system.

All the information in this volume forms fundamentals for material covered in subsequent volumes.

Indian Railway Signal Engineering Volume -II & III (Buy Here)

Volume -II is designed to cover planning and designing of signal engineering works starting from site survey, preparation of Signal Engineering Plan and other associated diagrams such as Station Working Rule Diagrams, Panel diagram etc.

Volume III covers: two aspect semaphore signalling system, wire run, rod run, rod compensation, lever frames and their details; Double wire Upper Quadrant multiple aspect signalling system, signal machines, wire compensators, Interlocking Table for single wire and double wire signalling, Dog charts etc.

Indian Railway Signal Engineering – Volume-IV (Buy Here)

Volume IV covers: Electrical Signalling systems, Colour Light Signals, Relay based interlocking, Electronic Interlocking, Selection Table, Selection circuits, Track circuits, Power supply requirements including Integrated Power Supply (IPS), Data Loggers, LED signals. Other safety devices such as Automatic Warning System, Suraksha Kavatch etc.

Tenders, Contracts and Arbitration (Buy Here)

With the depleting work force in government organisations, increased infrastructural activities and a long queues of aspirants seeking jobs, getting the work done on contractual basis is the win-win condition prevailing in the country. Over the period, system of contracting has become more organised, and so the book is designed to base on rules and Codal provisions viz. Constitution of India, Chapter- III, Property, Clause: 299-Contract; Railway Act 1989; Indian Contract Act of 1872, followed by Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act 1970 after almost 100 years, revised Arbitration and Conciliation Act, incorporated in 1996. Railways are yet another organization, which not only frame the rules but also modify them on real time basis and ensure its implementation there being an independent Ministry of Railways

Much material on the subject is not available in the market. The book running in 227 pages, formed in seven chapters is brought out for reference and time to time consultation and guidance. It shall be useful to the employers as well as to the contractors.

Availability of operating portions of these acts, rules and formats, as annexure to the book shall be of great advantage as ready reference.

About the author for all books as above:

Pramod P. Goel is BSc, MBA and member IETE. He retired as Deputy Chief Signal & Telecom Engineer having served Indian Railways for about 40 years. During this period he worked in construction organisation for about nine years and for about thirteen years in Central Organisation for Railway Electrification. After retirement he worked with RITES for about one year and than got associated with the prestigious work of modernisation of signalling system in Ghaziabad - Kanpur section as Consultant. Over the period he has gathered an excellent multi dimensional blend of experience in Contracting and Signal & Telecom engineering.